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At the heart of our groundbreaking process lies the magic of biogas production. Picture a transformative journey where organic materials embark on a remarkable fermentation voyage, guided by the enchanting methanogens and acidogenic bacteria. Together, they dance to the rhythm of anaerobic digestion, unleashing the hidden potential of our distillation industry’s by-products.

Creating the Perfect Stage

In this extraordinary performance, we set the stage for greatness by creating the ideal conditions. A crucial element is the absence of oxygen—a mystical requirement that allows the organic materials to undergo their mystical transformation. But that’s not all. We harmonize the pH levels to a fine-tuned symphony, ensuring a sweet spot between 6.5 and 7.5. This delicate balance ensures that the anaerobic digestion thrives and the alchemy of biogas production can flourish.

Temperature: The Ignition of Magic

Temperature is the secret ingredient that ignites the magic within. Like a conductor wielding a wand, we carefully orchestrate the conditions within the mesophilic range (35-45°C) or the more daring thermophilic range (45-55°C). These temperature ranges create the perfect melody, guiding the organic materials along their transformative path. Through this symphony of heat, the organic matter transforms into precious biogas, illuminating a path towards renewable energy.

The Journey of Transformation

As the organic materials embark on their mystical journey, their alchemical transformation takes place within our carefully designed anaerobic digesters. Over a period of awe and wonder, spanning from 10 to 30 days, the raw materials undergo their metamorphosis. The exact duration of this transformative process depends on the chosen digestion method, each with its own unique rhythm and tempo.

The production of Biogas

And there it is—the culmination of this extraordinary symphony—the birth of biogas. This majestic blend of methane and carbon dioxide emerges, exuding the vibrant energy of sustainable power. With every molecule, it heralds a brighter future, where what was once discarded as waste becomes a precious resource for a greener tomorrow.

Committed to a Greener Future

At, we are fully committed to transforming waste into opportunity, unlocking the potential of the distillation industry’s by-products, and spearheading the transition toward a sustainable and greener future. We invite you to contact us today and explore how we can help you unlock the benefits of cogeneration, reduce your carbon footprint, and drive positive environmental change. Together, let us create a better tomorrow.