Glasshouse CHP/Cogeneration

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Glasshouse CHP/Cogeneration

Glasshouse CHP, also known as cogeneration, is a highly efficient process that simultaneously produces electricity and heat from a single fuel source. It harnesses the wasted heat produced during electricity generation and repurposes it for heating, cooling, or other thermal applications. This results in significantly reduced energy wastage and enhanced overall energy efficiency.

How does Glasshouse CHP work

The Glasshouse CHP system typically consists of three main components: a prime mover, a generator, and a heat recovery system. The prime mover, which can be a gas turbine, steam turbine, or reciprocating engine, drives the generator to produce electricity. The heat recovery system captures the waste heat from the prime mover and redirects it to meet the thermal needs of the facility. This integrated approach maximizes the energy output from the fuel and minimizes environmental impact.

Benefits of Glasshouse CHP

  1. Efficiency: Glasshouse CHP achieves up to 90% efficiency, surpassing traditional power plants’ 50% efficiency.
  2. Savings: Generate electricity and heat from one fuel source, reducing energy costs.
  3. Sustainability: Minimize greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels for heating.
  4. Reliability: Ensure uninterrupted energy supply, even during power outages.
  5. Incentives: Governments provide grants and incentives for adopting energy-efficient solutions like Glasshouse CHP.

Applications of Glasshouse CHP

Commercial Buildings

Hotels, hospitals, office complexes, and shopping centers can benefit from Glasshouse CHP by meeting their electricity and heating needs with a single system.

Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing plants, refineries, and chemical processing units can utilize Glasshouse CHP to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Glasshouse CHP is particularly suitable for greenhouse operations, as it provides both electricity for lighting and heat for maintaining optimum growing conditions.

District Heating

Whole communities or neighborhoods can benefit from Glasshouse CHP by centralizing energy production and distributing heat and electricity to multiple buildings.

Universities and Institutions

Educational institutions can leverage Glasshouse CHP to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.