Cogeneration (CHP)

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Cogeneration (CHP)

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP), generates electricity and uses waste heat efficiently. Industries, commercial buildings, and district heating systems favor this integrated approach since it saves energy and the environment.
A prime mover, such as a gas turbine, steam turbine, or reciprocating engine, burns fuel, usually natural gas, to create electricity in a CHP system. Space heating, industrial activities, and hot water production use waste heat from energy generation. This simultaneous creation of power and useful heat maximizes system energy efficiency.

CHP Benefits

  • High Efficiency: CHP systems offer energy efficiency of up to 90%, compared to 45-55% for conventional electricity and heat generation. Efficiency saves fuel and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • CHP systems save energy by generating power and heat on-site. CHP is a long-term energy option because to lower energy prices and price stability.
  • Environment: CHP systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CHP minimizes greenhouse gas emissions by maximizing fuel energy usage and decreasing waste heat.

Empowering Efficiency in Industrial Processes

CHP is useful for heat-intensive sectors. CHP improves drying, sterilizing, and boiler feedwater preheating by using electricity generated waste heat. CHP improves industrial processes and lowers energy expenditures.

Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions

CHP systems benefit hotels, hospitals, commercial areas, and office complexes. CHP uses waste heat for space heating, hot water generation, and air conditioning, minimizing energy use and dependency on separate systems.

Powering Sustainable Communities

District energy systems rely on CHP to power many residential and commercial buildings. CHP integrates energy resources efficiently, making cities sustainable and low-carbon. Boost community resilience with CHP.

Illuminating the Path to Resilient Cities

CHP plays a pivotal role in building sustainable communities. By integrating CHP into district energy systems, we create resilient cities that efficiently generate electricity and heat for multiple buildings. Join us in our mission to create low-carbon, future-proof communities, where energy efficiency and environmental stewardship are at the forefront.

Cogeneration (CHP)